Spectrum Testosterone Mix 250mg (Sustanon) 10 ml


Manufacturer: Spectrum Pharma

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  • Manufacturer: Spectrum Pharmaceutical
  • Release form: 250mg 10ml vial
  • Active ingredient: Sustanon, testosterone mix
  • Country: China


  • testosterone propionate 30 mg
  • testosterone phenylporopionate 60 mg
  • testosterone isocaproate 60 mg
  • testosterone decanoate 100 mg

Description of Spectrum Testosterone Mix

Sustanon is the name of a mix of four esters of the active ingredient testosterone, the main male sex hormone. The composition includes propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate and decanoate. These are esters of different half-life (half-life). The shortest, propionate, has a half-life of one to two days. Phenylpropionate – 2-3 days, isocaproate – 5-7 days, and decanoate – 7-9 days. This means that after the injection, the athlete begins to feel the active substance almost immediately, on the second day after the injection, as the hormone is released into the blood plasma. Maintaining a constant level of the hormone injections should be done 2 times a week.

Synonyms: Sustanon-250, Sustaretard, Sustamed, Tetrasterone, Sustaver, Omnadren 250, testosterone mix, test mix, sust, sustik.

What effects can be expected from the anabolic Spectrum Testosterone Mix

  • Increase in musculature. On average, the intensity of its growth is 6 kg per month.
  • Suppression of the catabolism of the breakdown of polymer molecules. This is very important in bodybuilding. After all, each workout requires the body to spend a certain amount of resources. If they are not enough, then the breakdown of muscle tissue will begin. And this, of course, is unacceptable.
  • Increased appetite.In this case, the main thing is to build a diet in the right way, so that it is rich primarily in proteins. It is advisable to use specialized sports nutrition when you use this combined anabolic.
  • Strengthening the process of hematopoiesis. The red bone marrow begins to work more intensively, and a large number of new red blood cells, erythrocytes, enter the bloodstream.
  • After the last injection, the components can be detected in the blood for 3 months.
  • Increased libido, because Testosterone, among other things, are also androgenic (male sex) hormones. This is their primary role, which is even more important than anabolic.
  • During the course, the athlete feels a general surge of strength and an increase in vitality. This is partly due to the fact that Spectrum Testosterone Mix enhances the production of red blood cells, erythrocytes. They begin to transfer oxygen faster and more intensively to the nervous system, muscle tissue.

Spectrum Testosterone Mix Course

Spectrum Testosterone Mix gives excellent results in gaining muscle mass when combined with Nandrolone, Methane. The best and generally recognized combination for effectiveness: Nandrolone + Methane + Testosterone Mix, cycle 6-8 weeks.

A drier mass, but its less intense growth is given by the combination of Boldenone + Testosterone Mix. A very good combination for strength growth as well as relief: Stanozolol + Testosterone Mix.

The duration of the course is 5-7 (8) weeks.

Start a course of Sustanon with closed bone growth zones (at about 21 years old).


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