Balkan Primobol (Primobol) 10ml


Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals


  • Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • release form: 10ml in vial 100mg/ml
  • active ingredient: methenolone enanthate
  • country: Moldova

A brief description of:

  • Activity: 14-16 days
  • Anabolic activity: 88%
  • Androgenic activity: 44%
  • Methods of administration: injections
  • Detection time on doping tests: up to 6 months
  • Active (active) substance: methenolone enanthate (methenolone enantate)
  • Classification: Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids (injectable)
  • Doses: Men 200-400 mg/week……Women 50-100 mg/week
  • Acne: Yes, at high dosages or individual sensitivity
  • Water retention: Low
  • High blood pressure: Rare
  • Hepatotoxicity: Weak
  • Aromatization: No
  • DHT conversion: No
  • Suppression of HPTA function: Moderate

Balkan Primobol – effective injections for relief

Moldovan Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a leader in the field of sports pharmacology. Many of its products have appealed to athletes of all ages. Drying preparations have gained particular popularity. Therefore, it is not surprising that bodybuilders are increasingly looking to buy Balkan Primobol.

The basis of the drug and its active substance is Primobolan. It stands out for its versatility. With it, you can both make muscles more prominent and gain dry muscles. For such properties and affordable cost, Balkan Primobol has become a popular remedy during the drying period. At the same time, it belongs to mild AAS and girls can take it without problems.

Anabolic is available in injectable form – 10 ml vials.Due to its mild action, it does not have a detrimental effect on the body. However, the dosage regimen and dosage should not be neglected, since the risk of side effects still remains. A nice bonus of the drug is the absence of aromatization.

Features Balkan Primobol

The steroid has many positive properties. In particular, it helps to effectively deal with the fatty layer and water in the tissues. However, he won a special relationship with the ability to maintain and maintain the weight of an athlete. In addition, the reasonable price of Balkan Primobol is fully justified by its properties:

  • increase the relief
  • make muscles stiffer
  • maintain the mass
  • remove fluid from tissues
  • start the fat burning process.

To buy Balkan Primobol original production, just contact our online store. We cooperate directly with the manufacturer, which allows us to provide products without extra charges. In addition, here you will find all kinds of AAS for courses and post-cycle therapy.


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