Balkan Propandrol (Testosterone Propionate) amp


Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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  • manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • release form: 1ml vial 100 mg/ml
  • active ingredient: testosterone propionate
  • country: Moldova

Synonyms: testopin, propionate, propik, propiobolic.

Balkan Testosterona P beautiful relief and muscle drying

Testosterona P (Balkan Propandrol), produced by the well-known pharmaceutical company from Moldova Balkan Pharmaceuticals, is not the most popular testosterone ester. This is due to the fact that it does not retain water in the muscles, which means that the mass gain on the course is not too high. However, propionate is in demand among competitive bodybuilders as it helps improve strength and endurance.

The active component of the steroid is testosterone propionate ester of the male hormone on a water basis. Due to this, the drug begins to act in the body much faster, but it is also quickly excreted from the tissues due to the short half-life.

Many girls also strive to buy Balkan Testosterona P in ampoules. This is due to the fat burning properties of the drug. However, it is not recommended for women to take it. This can lead to hormonal imbalance, acne, and the development of secondary sexual characteristics.

When taken correctly, the steroid is considered absolutely safe. Its only drawback is susceptibility to aromatization, but its consequences are easily eliminated by taking antiestrogens during the course.

Feature of Balkan Testosterona P (Propandrol)

Balkan Propandrol (Testosterona P) is available in ampoules or vials and is intended for intramuscular injection.Since the steroid immediately enters the muscle tissue, it has practically no toxic effect on the liver.

The price of Balkan Testosterona P (Propandrol) in ampoules is considered quite acceptable and affordable for most athletes, especially considering its many properties:

  • endurance development,
  • increase in power characteristics,
  • slight increase in lean muscle
  • anti-catabolic properties that prevent the appearance of rollback after the cycle,
  • acceleration of recovery after physical activity,
  • muscle drying,
  • beautiful relief and elasticity of muscles,
  • increased libido.

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