Balkan Strombaject Aqua (Stanozolol) amp


Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals

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  • manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • release form: 1ml in vial 50mg/ml
  • active ingredient: stanozolol
  • country: Moldova

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Brief description of Strombaject Aqua:

  • Activity: about 48 hours
  • Classification: Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids (injectable)
  • Dosages: Men 50-100 mg/day
  • Acne: Rare
  • Water retention: Rare
  • High blood pressure: Rare
  • Hepatotoxicity: No
  • Aromatization: No, it is a derivative of DHT
  • DHT conversion: No
  • Suppression of HPTA function: Weak

Synonyms: Strombafort, Stanover, Stanol, Strombaject Aqua, Stanztab, Winstrol Depot.

Balkan Strombaject Aqua – injectable steroid for strength and mass

"Strombaject Aqua", launched on the world market of sports pharmacology by Balkan from Moldova, has become very popular among bodybuilders, powerlifters, triathletes and other representatives of power sports. Especially the drug is popular among athletes from Eastern Europe. It helps to quickly gain a sufficient amount of high-quality muscle tissue, increase strength and endurance, remove excess water from the muscles and make them more prominent.

The main component of the steroid is the water-based stanozolol. This substance has a powerful anabolic effect and a low androgenic effect. Due to the high anabolic index, even girls can buy Balkan Strombaject Aqua and take it.

At the same time, the water base of the anabolic provides a short half-life (about 48 hours).The drug quickly begins to act and is also quickly excreted from the body.

The steroid is available in vials and ampoules. It is intended for intramuscular injection, which reduces its toxic effect on the liver. Anabolic practically does not cause side effects, for which it is even more appreciated by bodybuilders.

Features "Strombaject Aqua" from Balkan

Released by the Moldovan pharmacological company Balkan, Strombaject Aqua has become one of the most sought-after drugs among bodybuilders. It is accepted by both beginners and more experienced athletes. All of them note a significant surge of strength and energy, high efficiency and safety of the steroid.

You can also buy "Balkan Strombaject Aqua" because this anabolic does not transform into estogens, which means it does not require powerful post-cycle therapy. It also has strong anti-catabolic properties, due to which, after the end of the course, the rollback phenomenon is practically not observed, and athletes can maintain the mass gained during the course.

The drug works as follows:

  • increases the strength of the athlete,
  • helps to gain high-quality muscle mass,
  • removes excess fluid from the body,
  • burns fat cells in problem areas,
  • accelerates recovery after training,
  • gives the muscles a beautiful relief and makes them more elastic,
  • tones the body.

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