Vermodje Trenaver (Trenbolone Acetate) fl


Manufacturer: Vermodje

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  • Manufacturer: Vermodje
  • Release form: 10ml in vial 100mg/ml
  • Active ingredient: trenbolone acetate
  • Country: Moldova

Effects of taking Vermodje Trenaver

Vermodje Trenaver is popular for the following reasons:

  • High compatibility with other drugs
  • No aroma effect
  • Strong anabolic effect in the form of muscle gain
  • Increasing power and strength

The course of trenbolone, whether enanthate, acetate or mix, causes a serious increase in muscle mass up to ten kilograms. Strength indicators increase significantly, and the value of cortisol falls. Vermodje Trenaver can be used both solo and in combination with other anabolics.

The dosage of Vermodje Trenaver is 100 mg, the frequency of injections is every other day. The combination with testosterone and nandrolone gives the maximum possible effect. The course can last from 8 to 14 weeks.

Pharmacological action Vermodje Trenaver

Vermodje Trenaver has anabolic and androgenic effects. In cattle breeding, it is used to increase the body weight of livestock (a greater effect can be achieved when used with estradiolone, the female sex hormone, due to the fact that it cannot accumulate water, and this affects weight gain), the drug manifests itself weakly in the prostate , the skin of the body and head of a person, neither acne, nor baldness, nor strong hair on the face and body can be side effects of taking it, if the person adheres to the recommended doses.

It should be noted that in the case of high doses, these effects can be observed.In addition, due to the fact that Trenaver has progestogenic activity, although not very pronounced, it tends to slightly (however, sometimes very strongly) reduce libido when taking the drug. It should be noted that in practice there were almost no such cases, on the contrary, the athlete's sexual desire increases many times, as well as physical strength (with the corresponding class of the athlete).

The ability of Vermodje Trenaver to stabilize the androgen receptor 5 times more strongly (when compared to testosterone) indicates that this drug is a good anabolic. Just like testosterone has an anabolic effect, this is expressed in stimulating protein synthesis, reducing fat deposition, delaying potassium, phosphorus, sulfur necessary for protein synthesis in the body, increasing calcium fixation in the bones and increasing muscle mass, it also quite noticeably increases IGF synthesis in the liver.


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