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Germicidal water from Magnus for the dilution of dry steroids

Many professional athletes actively use various drugs for weight gain, drying and other purposes. Some of the steroids come in powder form and require dilution for later use. Beginners sometimes use pharmacy solutions for this purpose, but the best option is to buy Magnus Germicidal Water.

The composition of bactericidal water, in addition to the most sterile water, includes 0.9% sodium chloride and 0.9% benzyl alcohol. The last component provides long-term storage of the finished solution. Gonadotropin and various peptides can be dissolved in the medication. It is worth clarifying that when using this water, ready-made solutions will be reliably protected from the development of microorganisms in them, which, if ingested, can cause health problems. At the same time, the price of Magnus Bactericidal Water is quite acceptable.

Magnus produces bactericidal water in 10 ml bottles. It must be used according to the instructions of the drug from which the solution is to be prepared.

Benefits of using Magnus germicidal water

The cost of Magnus Germicidal water is slightly higher than pharmacy solutions, but the latter definitely cannot be compared with it in quality. Most bodybuilders still prefer bacteriostatic solvents due to their advantages:

  • water is optimally suited for the preparation of hormonal suspensions, allowing you to obtain a homogeneous solution,
  • the chemical composition of the drug ensures long-term storage of the finished substance,
  • water improves the process of assimilation of the solution in the body.

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