Balkan Clomed (Clomiphene) 20 tabs 50mg


Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals


  • Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Active ingredient: Clomiphene citrate
  • Release form: 20 tablets of 50 mg
  • Country: Moldova

Balkan Clomed (Klomed) is an antiestrogen of a non-steroidal structure, the action of which is due to specific binding to estrogen receptors in the ovaries and pituitary gland. With a low content of estrogen in the body, it exhibits a moderate estrogenic effect, with a high content of antiestrogenic effect. In small doses, it enhances the secretion of gonadotropins (prolactin, FSH and LH), stimulates ovulation. In high doses, it inhibits the secretion of gonadotropins. It has no gestagenic and androgenic activity.

Balkan Clomed is used mainly as a stimulant for the production of its own testosterone, Clomed stimulates the pituitary gland to release more gonadropins, which leads to a rapid increase in the amount of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormone in the blood. As a result, the level of endogenous testosterone increases. Balkan Clomed works primarily when anabolic/androgenic steroids suppress the natural production of testosterone.

As for the dosage of Balkan Clomed, 50-100 mg per day (1-2 tablets) seems to be sufficient. Tablets are usually taken after meals with liquid. Duration of admission should not exceed 10-14 days. Most athletes start at 100mg per day, taking 50mg in the morning and evening after meals. On the fifth day of administration, the dose is often reduced by one 50 mg tablet per day.


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