CLOMISIGN 100mg (Clomiphene) 10tab


Manufacturer: HAB Pahrmaceuticals


  • Manufacturer: HAB Pharmaceuticals
  • Active ingredient: Clomiphene citrate
  • Release form: 10 tablets of 100 mg
  • Country: India

CLOMISIGN fast recovery after AAS

It is not always possible to achieve the desired results through grueling workouts, which is why many bodybuilders decide on mass-gaining courses. However, in addition to significant muscle volume, steroids can also cause unwanted side effects. Neutralizing them is quite simple, just buy CLOMISIGN for a PCT.

The active substance of the drug is clomiphene citrate. It is a non-steroidal antiestrogen that suppresses the estrogenic activity of steroids without disturbing the natural synthesis of the hormone in the athlete's body. Clomiphene also promotes the production of testosterone, luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones, restoring hormonal balance. It should be noted that with such an extensive action, the cost of CLOMISIGN is average on the market of PCT drugs.

Clomiphene is available in oral form (blister packs of 10 tablets of 100 mg each). The dosage and duration of PCT is determined individually, taking into account the severity of the steroid course.

Effect from CLOMISIGN

Clomiphene, produced by the Indian company HAB Pharmaceuticals, is quite in demand on the market due to its proven efficacy and safety. The affordable price of CLOMISIGN is an additional plus to the numerous properties of the drug, including:

  • normalization of hormonal background,
  • inhibition of androgen aromatization,
  • increased synthesis of testosterone, LH and FSH,
  • decrease in rollback after the course,
  • slight fat loss.

You can buy CLOMISIGN of original production as simply as possible in our online store of sports pharmacology. We also have a wide range of preparations for mass, drying and fat burning, and our consultants will always be happy to help you choose the right AAS.


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