Balkan Tamoximed (Tamoxifen) 15 tab


Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals


  • Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Release form: 20 mg 15 tab
  • Active ingredient: tamoxifen
  • Country: Moldova

Balkan Tamoximed antiestrogen for PCT

The Moldovan company Balkan Pharmaceutical is well known to every athlete who has ever thought about taking steroids. However, the manufacturer's line includes not only AAS for weight gain and drying, it also produces drugs for PCT. Actually, to combat the androgenic side effects, many athletes decide to buy Balkan Tamoximed.

The active substance of the drug is tamoxifen, which has strong inhibitory properties. This is one of the most effective means in its category, which also exhibits anabolic and androgenic activity. These features and the low cost of Balkan Tamoximed made it popular among athletes with any sports experience.

Tamoximed is available in blisters of 15 tablets with a dosage of 20 mg. Typically, the antiestrogen is taken within 10 days after the end of the cycle, or until the steroids are completely eliminated from the body when taking AAS with a long half-life.

Action Balkan Tamoximed

Best of all, this drug has proven itself precisely during the PCT period, since it perfectly suppresses estrogenic activity and normalizes the athlete's hormonal background. It is noteworthy that the price of Balkan Tamoximed is quite low, taking into account the positive properties of the drug, manifested in the following actions:

  • suppression of estrogen receptors,
  • normalization of natural testosterone synthesis,
  • stimulation of lipolytic processes,
  • improvement of muscle relief,
  • normalization of blood cholesterol levels.

You can buy Balkan Tamoximed for quick recovery after a steroid course in our online store. We offer our customers high-quality goods at affordable prices and are always ready to help with the choice of sports pharmaceuticals based on their goals.

Description and side effects of Balkan Tamoximed

Balkan Tamoximed is a drug with a pronounced antiestrogenic effect. The main functions are expressed in restoring the level of natural testosterone production, estrogen blockade throughout the body, and preventing fluid retention in tissues.

Also, the action of Balkan Tamoximed is manifested in lowering cholesterol levels. Balkan Tamoximed should be used by all athletes undergoing courses of anabolic steroids with high aromatization, or athletes who are simply prone to side effects such as gynecomastia.

The active substance tamoxifen was synthesized back in 1971 by the Cibe group, becoming the first representative of the class of selective estrogen receptor modulators. Later, several of its analogues appeared, but their clinical properties have not yet been sufficiently studied. Therefore, Tamoximed Balkan remains one of the most popular drugs of this kind in medicine today.

It has long been used for the treatment of breast cancer patients, for therapeutic purposes in women of childbearing age and in the postmenopausal period. The therapeutic effect of Balkan Tamoximed is manifested under the condition of an increased level of estradiols against the background of inhibition of prolactin production.The direct action of the drug is directed at the tumor cell itself, where antiestrogenic components block the process of estrogen binding to specific cell receptors.

In addition to this direct action, Balkan Tamoximed inhibits tumor growth through other mechanisms, through the ovaries and the hypothalamic-pituitary system, and has a direct effect on sexual characteristics.

Despite the fact that breast tumors are mainly inherent in women, the drug is very popular among men who use Balkan Tamoximed in bodybuilding. This is due to the fact that the course of this drug is necessarily included in the cycle of anabolic steroid drugs.

Most steroids in the body are aromatized, which causes an increase in estrogen levels and the risk of side effects of feminization in men. It is important to understand that the substance does not interrupt the aromatization process, but only affects the activity of estrogen receptors. This means that estrogens in the body will continue to be synthesized, but will not bind to receptors.

Side effects of Tamoximed Balkan Pharmaceuticals are mainly associated with overdoses, and sometimes the effect of anabolics can be weakened. In exceptional cases, the drug can lead to the opposite effect, that is, to increase the level of estrogen, which has been proven by researcher M. Pasquale.

The positive properties of the drug include the support of a low content of fat cells in the body. But at the same time, the drug itself is not endowed with fat-burning qualities. And in the period before the competition, you will find out what Balkan Tamoximed is, since it will also dry out the muscles and ensure muscle density and elasticity.

The drug is simply irreplaceable in matters of preventing gynecomastia and water accumulation, so its cost is fully justified. It also raises high-density cholesterol levels and increases the pituitary gland's susceptibility to the gonadotropin secretion hormone.


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