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Manufacturer: Anhui Anke Biotechnology

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Manufacturer : Anhui Anke Biotechnology
release form: bottle 10 units
active ingredient : Human Growth Hormone
country : China

A brief description of :
Activity : Very variable depending on the method and conditional injection
Classification : Growth hormone/IGF-1 precursor (injectable)
Dosage : Men 2-10 IU/day
Acne : No
Water retention : Rare
High blood pressure : Rare
Hepatotoxicity : No
Flavoring : No
DHT conversion : No
Suppression of HPTA function : No
Miscellaneous: high anabolic activity/lack of androgenic activity

Ansomone is a kind of sterile, 191 amino acid Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (HGH) instant formulation derived from E. coli development is identical to natural growth hormone in amino acid residue and three-dimensional structure. Ansomone is indicated in the absence of growth due to endogenous growth hormone deficiency (GHD) and Turner's syndrome, as well as renal failure. Ansomone can be used to treat surgical wounds or burns. It has the positive effect of preserving the human definition of age. Our manufacturing plants for Ansomon are GMP certified under the sFDA.

White permeable instant powder

Ansomone acts on endogenous human growth hormone. It stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of the epiphyseal chondrocyte, the growth of cartilage base cells, the proliferation and differentiation of osteoblast, accelerates the growth rate of the lining material, and improves the width of the epiphysis.Ansomone can accelerate protein synthesis throughout the body, change the equilibrium state of Rh-negative nitrogen caused by wound or surgery, correct hypoproteinemia due to infection or cirrhosis of the liver, stimulate the synthesis of immune globin and the growth of lymphoid formation, macrophage and lymphocyte, increase the ability to resistance to infections, stimulate the proliferation of collagenocyte, fibroblast and macrophage at the burn and surgical sites, accelerate wound healing, accelerate the synthesis of cardiocytes, improve cardiac contractility and reduce the medical oxygen consumption of the heart, regulate fat metabolism, suppress serum cholesterol and reduce protein density, compensate for the lack or absence of growth hormone, regulate fat metabolism, osteometabolism, cardiac function and renal function in adults.

Pharmacokinetics of Ansomone (Ansomone):
The same pharmacological effect can be achieved by injection under the skin (s / c) or intramuscularly (IM). Although subcutaneous administration may result in high plasma concentrations of growth hormone, intramuscular administration may also produce the same level of insulin-like growth factor. Growth hormone absorption is relatively slow, with max. often occurs 3-5 hours after administration. Growth hormone clearance via liver and kidneys, clearance half-life approximately 2-3 hours. The anabolic phase of growth hormone excreted in urine is almost impossible to measure. All components of growth hormone in the circulation exist as a complex form with growth hormone binding proteins that prolong the half-life of growth hormone.

Ansomone is indicated for stopping the growth of children due to the endogenous lack of growth hormone.

Other signs and uses:
Fat burning
Physical exercise
Increased energy level
uplifted mood
Creative skills
Enhanced mental abilities
Increased immune function
Cell protection
Improves cholesterol profile
Rapid wound healing
Improves sexual libido
Improves bone strength

Application method:
2 ml of sterilized water to dilute the solution should be introduced along the entire wall, then twist the vial with soft rotating movements until the contents are completely dissolved, do not shake vigorously.
The recommended dosage of Ansomon for the treatment of childhood stunting is 0.1 ~ 0.5 U/kg subcutaneously daily from three months to three years. The regimen of therapy can be changed at the discretion of the doctor.
The recommended dosage of Ansomone for the treatment of severe burns is 0.2 ~ 0.14 U/kg daily subcutaneously for two weeks.

Side effects:
Growth hormone can cause temporary hyperglycemia, it can be restored when the introduction has occurred or ended. Side effects occur in 1% of children with growth failure in a clinical examination. Common adverse reactions are manifested in the form of mild pain, tingling, swelling in the area of ​​drug administration and peripheral edema, joint pain. All of these side effects often occur at the beginning of treatment and are acceptable, as well as temporary. Long-term and high dosage administration of recombinant human growth hormone can lead to antibody growth in some patients.The concentration of antibodies can sometimes rise to 2 ml / l, which can affect the therapeutic efficacy.

1. Ansomon should not be taken by patients whose pineal gland has been closed.
2. Ansomone should not be taken by cancer patients with active neoplasia. Treatment with growth hormone should be discontinued if neoplasia develops.

Precautionary measures:
2. For diabetic patients, the dosage of the anti-glucourea drug should be adjusted during treatment with recombinant human growth hormone.
3. For patients whose growth hormone deficiency is caused by a brain tumor or brain injury, it is necessary to carefully monitor the development and possibility of recurrence of potential diseases.
4. Thyroid function should be monitored regularly as clinical hypothyroidism may occur in some patients during treatment with recombinant human growth hormone. For those suffering from hypothyroidism, the addition of thyroid hormone is necessary to consolidate the therapeutic effect of treatment with recombinant human growth hormone.
5. Careful handling should be followed in the event of Charcot's syndrome occurring during treatment with recombinant human growth hormone, as patients suffering from endocrine disorders (including growth hormone deficiency) have the femoral epiphyseal plates relatively easy to disassemble. 6. Growth hormone can lead to an excess of insulin, you should pay attention to this in case of glucose intolerance.
7.Overdose of recombinant human growth hormone is prohibited, a single administration of recombinant human growth hormone in excess of the norm can lead to low blood sugar and change to high blood sugar. Long-term overdoses of recombinant human growth hormone can lead to acromegaly.
8. Changes may appear at the injection site in case of lipodystrophy.

Use by pregnant and childbearing women:
Pregnant women and women of childbearing age are not recommended for treatment with recombinant human growth hormone.

There are no data on overdose with recombinant human growth hormone, overdose can cause some side effects such as hypoglycemia at the onset of hyperglycemia. Long-term overdoses of recombinant human growth hormone can lead to acromegaly.

4 units / vial.

Storage of Ansomone (Ansomone)
Store Ansomone at 2 ~ 8 C in a dark place. Reconstituted particles mixed with sterilized water for injection are recommended to be stored at 2~8 C for 48 hours, and can not be frozen.

Shelf life
2 years.


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