Zhengzhou ZPtropin 12 IU (Somatropin) fl


Manufacturer: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical

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  • Manufacturer: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical
  • Release form: 12 UI (ME) 1 vial
  • Active ingredient: Human Growth Hormone 191 Amino Acid, Recombinant Human Growth Hormone
  • Country: China

Recombinant human growth hormone, consisting of 191 amino acids, the formation formula of which completely coincides with the natural human hormone.

Purpose of Zhengzhou ZPtropin:

  • Lack of growth hormone and growth retardation of various genesis in adults and children.
  • Fat burning. Zhengzhou ZPtropin can be used very effectively for weight loss (growth hormone has been proven to inhibit lipogenesis and stimulate the lipophysis).
  • Sports and anabolic goals. Growth hormone and its metabolites, mechanical growth factor and insulin-like growth factor-1, restore muscles quite effectively, causing their rapid growth, and also form new muscle cells, due to which an increase in strength indicators (explosive strength and strength endurance) is achieved.
  • Anti-aging therapy. Acceleration of regeneration and stimulation of metabolism leads to the restoration of the body, strengthening the cardiovascular system and immunity. Increased production of collagen improves the condition of the skin, making it more elastic, reducing the number of wrinkles. A number of studies also prove that growth hormone improves calcium metabolism in the body and stimulates the formation of new bone tissue.
  • Memory improvement.It has been proven (mentally retarded children and the elderly) that the ability to process information and memory improves when taking growth hormone.

Contents of one bottle: contains 3.33 mg mg of somatropin, which corresponds to 12 units (International units). Available as a white sublimated powder for injection.


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