Vermodje Vermotropin (Growth Hormone) 10 IU fl


Manufacturer: Vermodje

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  • Manufacturer: Vermodje
  • Packing: 10 IU in a vial
  • Active ingredient: GH, growth hormone, growth hormone, HGH, somatotropin, somatropin
  • Country: Moldova

Vermodje Vermotropin 10 IU (Growth hormone, GH, somatotropic hormone, STH, HGH, somatotropin, somatropin) is a peptide hormone of the anterior pituitary gland, which is used in sports to form muscle relief.

Growth hormone or somatotropin (from the Latin catfish – body) got its name because in young people it causes a pronounced acceleration of linear (in length) growth, mainly due to the growth of long tubular bones of the limbs.

The basic concentration (norm) of growth hormone in the blood is 1-5 ng / ml, during peaks it can rise to 10-20 and even 45 ng / ml.

Effects of taking Vermodje Vermotropin 10 IU:

  • Anabolic action – causes muscle growth
  • Anti-catabolic – inhibits muscle breakdown
  • Reduces body fat
  • Regulates energy use
  • Accelerates wound healing
  • Has a rejuvenating effect
  • Stimulates the re-growth of internal organs (atrophied with age)
  • Causes bone growth and increases height in young people up to 26 years (before the closure of growth zones), strengthens bones
  • Raises blood glucose levels
  • Strengthens the immune system

Vermodje Vermotropin 10 IU and strength training

Bodybuilders use Vermotropin for the sole purpose of increasing lean muscle mass. At the same time, another positive effect was noted, the reduction of rest time, since the body acquires the ability to quickly restore strength after training, without prolonged relaxation.Vermotropin also has a beneficial effect of increasing joint strength due to a decrease in the likelihood of microtrauma, acceleration of metabolic processes of protein synthesis, effective absorption of steroids and insulin.

Special preparations for bodybuilders are designed to increase the content of lean muscle mass while accelerating the metabolic processes of fat breakdown and reducing the recovery period after training with an increased load intensity. At the same time, growth hormone in no way affects the structure of the bone apparatus of a mature person, in which the skeleton is already fully formed and the growth of individual bones has stopped. The chemical only affects the muscular component of the musculoskeletal system.


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