Vermodje Turinover (Turinover) 100 tab


Manufacturer: Vermodje

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  • Manufacturer: Vermodje
  • Release form: 10 mg 100 tab
  • Active ingredient: Chlorodehydromethyltest
  • Country: Moldova

Vermodje Turinover quality muscles and strength growth

Turinover is considered one of the most famous steroids for building lean muscle mass. For all the time of its existence, it has won the favor of many athletes around the world. He fell in love with his mild action and a wide range of properties. Moreover, it is in demand among both beginner athletes and more experienced bodybuilders. Therefore, there are always a lot of people who want to buy Vermodje Turinover.

The active component of the steroid is chlorhydromethyltestosterone. Turinabol has a high anabolic index and a moderate androgenic effect. In its properties, it resembles methandrostenolone, but without water retention. A distinctive feature of the anabolic delayed action. But this does not repel experienced athletes, because the final result is better. At the same time, the price of Vermodje Turinover is lower than that of its counterparts.

The drug is produced in oral form sticks of 100 tablets. It belongs to fairly mild and safe AAS. However, due to its tablet form, it has a toxic effect on the liver. Other side effects are quite rare. The reason can be both individual reactions and non-compliance with the regimen.

Features Vermodje Turinover

Often, the steroid appears in the arsenal of novice athletes. It has a convenient form of administration, few side effects and high efficiency. But due to its multifaceted action, the drug is also in demand among more experienced bodybuilders. Moreover, the cost of Vermodje Turinover is more than affordable.Especially when you consider its properties:

  • prolonged growth of dry muscles,
  • increase in strength and endurance,
  • drawing muscle relief,
  • activation of fat burning processes,
  • suppression of catabolism,
  • increase in muscle stiffness.

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