Balkan Halotest 10mg (Fluoxymesterone) 100 tabs


Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals


  • Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Release form: 10 mg 100 tabs
  • Active ingredient: fluoxymesterone
  • Country: Moldova

Balkan Halotest (Fluoxymesterone) relief and muscle stiffness

Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a company from Moldova, which has been holding a special place in the hearts of athletes for several years now. She became famous thanks to the correspondence of the price and quality of the AAS, which she produces. Many athletes, regardless of experience in bodybuilding, confidently take its products for their courses. But especially often they tend to buy Balkan Halotest.

The main substance is fluoxymesterone. It has a fairly high androgenic level and an even higher anabolic level. Its action is manifested quite quickly and tangibly. However, it requires great care in its use. Therefore, it is better for beginners to refrain from taking it. Women are also not recommended to use it because of the negative effects.

The high price of Balkan Halotest is due to the fact that it is available in packs of 100 tablets of 10 mg. Along with a tangible effect, the steroid has a strong effect on the body. It is considered very toxic to the liver. Also, it often causes side effects. Therefore, before using it, it is important to consult a doctor, and after the course, undergo a PCT.

Efficiency of Balkan Halotest

In its category, this drug is considered one of the most effective. Basically, bodybuilders use it to increase strength and create relief. Many people think that the price of Balkan Halotest is somewhat overpriced, but this is not so. Its price tag owes much to its many properties and effects:

  • lean muscle gain
  • creation of muscle relief,
  • increased muscle hardness
  • increase in endurance and strength,
  • utilization of fatty deposits,
  • improved blood flow to tissues.

If you need to buy Balkan Halotest at an affordable price, then you should contact our online store. We provide a wide range of sports pharmacology in various fields. Here you will find suitable AAS, as well as various drugs for PCT. You can always turn to our specialists for help. They will take into account your wishes and recommend a suitable remedy.


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