Vermodje Testover P (Testosterone propionate) fl


Manufacturer: Vermodje

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  • Manufacturer: Vermodje
  • Release form: 10ml in vial 100mg/ml
  • Active ingredient: Testosterone propionate
  • Country: Moldova

Vermodje Testover Propionate 10ml ether for strength and relief

Products from the Moldovan pharmaceutical company Vermodje are in great demand in the sports pharmaceutical market. One of her most popular drugs is Testover Propionate. It is especially prized by many professional athletes for its ability to increase strength and build lean mass.

Propionate is the basis of testosterone steroid. This ether is considered one of the fastest, so it works almost immediately after entering. For this property, the price of Vermodje Testover Propionate 10ml is considered acceptable. Along with this, it also has a short period of withdrawal from the body. Because of this, injections are administered quite often once every two days.

The drug effectively fights excess fluid in the tissues, due to which a beautiful relief is created. In addition, for the fight against fat accumulations, athletes also strive to buy Vermodje Testover Propionate 10ml. But due to the high androgenic activity, the steroid can lead to masculinization.

Anabolic is available in 10 ml bottles, which makes it convenient to use. Thanks to intramuscular injection, AAS begins to act faster. This keeps the liver safe. Its only disadvantage is high aromatization. But it can be suppressed with the use of an antiestrogen. Also, after the course, it is necessary to undergo a PCT.

Efficiency Vermodje Testover Propionate 10ml

The drug has not in vain won the trust of most athletes.After taking it, athletes noted many effects, both physically and psychologically. A nice bonus from him was the absence of the rollback phenomenon. Also, the steroid is considered absolutely safe. Therefore, very often beginners use in the first course.

Among other effects of taking AAS, the following are especially distinguished:

  • increase in quality muscle mass,
  • increase in strength and endurance,
  • acceleration of muscle tissue regeneration,
  • removal of excess fluid and fat deposits from the body,
  • increased libido,
  • creation of relief and elasticity of muscles.

You can buy Vermodje Testover Propionate 10ml at reasonable prices in our online store. Our customers receive only high-quality AAS of the original production.


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