Vermodje Testover C (Testosterone Cypionate) amp


Manufacturer: Vermodje

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  • Manufacturer: Vermodje
  • Release form: 1ml in vial 200mg/ml
  • Active ingredient: Testosterone cypionate
  • Country: Moldova

Chemical structure of Vermodje Testover C

Vermodje Testover C refers to androgens, testosterone dissolved in oil with a cyclopentyl propionate ester (17b-hydroxy-androst-4-en-3-one) attached through the 17-beta hydroxyl group, its half-life in the body is approximately 6-8 days (total working time 15-16 days), chemical formula C8H14O2.

Testover C strongly resembles testosterone enanthate in its action. These forms of testosterone maintain elevated testosterone levels for up to 14 days, despite this, they are indicative of higher water retention by cypionate ester. It is likely that enanthate is slightly better in terms of testosterone release, due to the fact that this ester is lighter in one carbon atom than cypionate (ether is calculated in the number of steroids per mg). It should be noted that the difference is so small that it is not even noticeable (it is quite likely, since a few mg are injected per injection, the real concentration of the active substance of testosterone is 70 mg, the remaining 30 mg is cypionate ester).

Vermodje Testover C in bodybuilding is used to quickly and effectively gain muscle mass. Vermodje Testover C easily bypasses everyone's favorite Methandrostenolone in the speed of increasing muscle mass and athlete's strength indicators.

A rapid increase in mass and strength is associated with fluid retention in the body of an athlete. Weightlifters and powerlifters often use the Vermodje Testover C.For serious weight categories of representatives of these sports, dosages of 400 mg, 800 mg, and even 1200 mg. per day is no exception.

Testover C is a versatile steroid and works great for both beginners and experienced athletes in the use of pharmacology. Of course, Testover C is not a drug for athletes who want to use hormonal drugs for the first time. For the first course, less androgenic steroids will be much more appropriate. Such as Stanozolol, Boldenone, Turinabol, Oxandrolone.

Beginners will add less using these steroids, but after completing the course they will not lose anything. And in terms of side effects, these steroids have advantages.


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