SP Trenbolone Mix (Trenbolone Mix) fl


Manufacturer: SP Laboratories

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  • Manufacturer: SP Laboratories
  • Release form: 10 ml in a vial of 150 mg / ml
  • Active ingredient: Trenbolone Mix: Trenbolone Enanthate 50 mg, Trenbolone Acetate 50mg, Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 50 mg
  • Country: Moldova

SP Trenbolone Mix strength and quality muscles

Over the years of its existence, SP Laboratories have achieved success and built an excellent reputation. Creating pharmacology for athletes, the company was guided by the needs and desires of athletes. As a result, a product appeared on the market that allows you to significantly increase muscles in a short time without water retention. After learning about it, bodybuilders immediately sought to buy SP Trenbolone Mix.

The active substance of the steroid is trenbolone mix. It is a combination of three esters of acetate, enanthate and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. They have different periods of activity, which allows you to prolong the action of the anabolic and reduce the frequency of injections. By itself, trenbolone is considered quite powerful, so it must be taken with caution. At the same time, the price of SP Trenbolone Mix remains affordable.

AAS is produced in 10 ml vials of 150 mg / ml (50 mg / ml of each ester). Although it does not affect the liver in any way, there is a risk of other side effects. To avoid most of them, you need to strictly follow the instructions and follow the dosages. After the course, it is also important to undergo a PCT.

The effectiveness of SP Trenbolone Mix

Anabolic can not be called the safest, so it is mainly taken by experienced bodybuilders.With the necessary knowledge and experience in the use of AAS, they can get the maximum result from it and avoid many side effects. In addition, the cost of SP Trenbolone Mix is ​​not for everyone. In particular, it suits only those who have already experienced it on themselves and were satisfied with the effects obtained:

  • fast set of dry muscles,
  • increase in strength and endurance,
  • improvement of body regeneration,
  • fat burning activation
  • acceleration of metabolism,
  • decrease in cortisol levels.

In our online store you can buy original SP Trenbolone Mix. We have the highest quality sports pharmacology. The authenticity of any drug can be checked on the manufacturer's website using the code on the package. Also, we recommend that you immediately pay attention to the funds for PCT, so that the cycle is as comfortable as possible.


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