Polypeptide Peg-MGF – mechanical growth factor


Manufacturer: Polypeptide

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  • Manufacturer: Polypeptide
  • Release form: 2mg in vial
  • Active ingredient: PEG-MGF – mechanical growth factor (MPF)
  • Office: Sweden
  • Production facilities: China

PEG-MGF – mechanical growth factor (MPF) – a type of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), which causes the division of myoblasts of muscle cells that can develop into muscle fibers, and also accelerates muscle growth and recovery. Unlike IGF-1, Polypeptide Peg-MGF induces myoblast division by activating various receptors.

The main problem with using Polypeptide Peg-MGF is its half-life, which is in minutes. To increase the half-life, a special molecule protection agent – PEG (pegylation) is used.

Pegelation is the process of attaching one or more chains of a substance called polyethylene glycol (PEG) to a protein molecule such as IGF or in this case Polypeptide Peg-MGF. Since the body does not respond to PEG, it helps to provide a protective barrier around the desired peptide or protein so that its half-life is increased and it can last longer in the body. PEGylation is used for substances and proteins that are often subjected to enzymatic attack. PEG is an inert, non-toxic substance that can provide protection for amino groups due to its structure and flexibility.

Polyethylene glycol itself does not react in the body and is a very safe agent. PEG has been approved in the US by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is also approved as a dietary supplement in Russia.PEG is used ubiquitously as a base or binding agent for food and cosmetics, and as an excipient in drugs in various forms, injectable ampoules, tablets, and nasal pharmaceutical preparations.

Pegylation improves and simplifies the use of the drug by reducing the dosage, as well as increasing bioavailability and reducing the frequency of dosing.

Pegylated Polypeptide Peg-MGF has a high bioavailability, is injected into the body 2-3 times a week and maintains a high concentration for a long time.

In bodybuilding, Polypeptide Peg-MGF is used to accelerate muscle growth. Other effects of the drug include: a decrease in the percentage of body fat, an increase in the relief of muscles, an increase in endurance, an increase in immune defense, an improvement in skin condition, strengthening bones, a decrease in cholesterol, accelerated recovery. Those who have used Polypeptide Peg-MGF say they have not experienced the side effects that come with other weight gain drugs.

PEG-MGF dosages:

We put from 200-400 mcg every day, make one injection in the morning or evening in a 2000 mcg vial.

1 bottle is enough for a week.

Course 3-4 weeks, break 1 week.

Store PEG-MGF:

At a temperature of 2-8 C degrees (in the refrigerator).


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