Magnus Test-U (Testosterone Undecanoate) 10ml


Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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  • Manufacturer: Magnus
  • Release form: 10 ml in a vial of 250 mg / ml
  • Active ingredient: Testosterone undecanoate
  • Country: India

Magnus Test-U lean mass gain injections

Pharmacology Magnus Pharmaceutical is actively used by representatives of all sports. In bodybuilding, it is mainly used to develop physical strength and gain muscle mass. So, to this end, more and more bodybuilders today are looking to buy Magnus Test-U.

This steroid is based on the action of the testosterone undecanoate ester. It differs from other esters of the male hormone by its long-term effect and a positive effect on the hormonal background. At the same time, the price of Magnus Test-U is quite affordable, and the safety of the steroid is beyond doubt. The only thing is that it is still not recommended for women to take it, since there is a risk of developing secondary sexual characteristics.

Magnus markets undecanoate in 10 ml vials of 250 mg/ml. Usually the course lasts two months, during which injections must be given once a week. Due to the intramuscular administration of the steroid, the toxic effect on the liver is excluded. As for other side effects, they are possible in violation of the regimen or individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

Efficiency of Magnus Test-U

The drug is in particular demand among professional bodybuilders, for whom the quality of the gained mass and the training process is important. Undecanoate is also known to increase aggression, allowing bodybuilders to train harder. At the same time, the cost of Magnus Test-U is quite acceptable for a wide user and is justified by the numerous effects of the drug.What can be achieved on the course:

  • build quality muscle tissue
  • strengthen the skeletal system
  • develop strengths,
  • increase the number of red blood cells and blood oxygen saturation,
  • increase libido and improve mood.

In our online store you can buy Magnus Test-U as simply and quickly as possible. We guarantee the high quality of our products, as we cooperate directly with the leading sports pharmaceutical manufacturers.


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