Magnus Oxymetholone 50mg 50 tabs


Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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  • Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceutical
  • Release form: 50mg 50 tab
  • Active ingredient: oxymetholone
  • Country: India

Magnus Oxymetholone is an effective steroid for muscle growth

Cases when athletes resort to the help of sports pharmacology to achieve their goals are not uncommon. Moreover, it is drugs for mass-gaining courses that are in special demand, because the limited resource of the body at some point ceases to show progress, and then it needs help to further increase muscle volume. So it is not surprising that many athletes today decide to buy Magnus Oxymetholone.

The active substance of the drug is the eponymous oxymetholone, which is characterized by equally strong androgenic and anabolic properties. The steroid is considered one of the most powerful AAS, as it contributes to a very rapid increase in muscle mass. It is noteworthy that it also activates fat burning and helps to achieve an attractive relief. Based on this, the price of Magnus Oxymetholone is fully justified by its effects.

The drug is available in oral form 50 tablets of 50 mg. Many combine it with other steroids, although it shows excellent results in solo courses.

Characteristics of Magnus Oxymetholone

This anabolic has many positive properties, but it is not recommended for novice athletes and women because of possible side effects. Nevertheless, AAS remains at the peak of popularity, since the cost of Magnus Oxymetholone is fully explained by its action:

  • significant increase in dry weight,
  • accelerated protein synthesis,
  • improvement of appetite and metabolic processes,
  • increase in strength indicators,
  • starting fat burning processes,
  • beautiful muscular relief.

Our online store has a large selection of sports pharmaceuticals, so you can buy Magnus Oxymetholone and other drugs for the course and PCT from us. If you have any questions regarding AAS and the regimen, our consultants will be happy to answer them.


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