Magnus Magnyl 1000 IU (Gonadotropin)


Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals


  • Manufacturer: Magnus
  • Release form: in a bottle 1000 IU
  • Active ingredient: Chorionic gonadotropin
  • Country: India

Magnus Magnyl injections for post-course recovery

Today, many athletes use steroids to gain mass, lose weight, or prepare for competitions. However, along with the numerous benefits of sports pharmaceuticals, there are often side effects. To recover after the course, you can buy Magnus Magnyl, which will help to avoid negative consequences for the body.

The active ingredient of the drug is chorionic gonadotropin. This powerful tool is an analogue of the natural hormone that is produced by the placenta during pregnancy. Synthetic hCG has proven itself in the fight against side effects, especially testicular atrophy in men. The hormone is well absorbed by the body, without causing consequences. At the same time, the price of Magnus Magnyl is quite acceptable for most athletes.

Magnus Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is available in 1000 IU vials and needs to be diluted before use. You need to take the hormone from 2-3 weeks of the steroid course, especially if you are taking strong AAS.

Properties Magnus Magnyl

Synthetic gonadotropin has a long action with a short half-life. It is for this feature that the drug is so highly valued by many athletes. In addition, the cost of Magnus Magnyl is average on the market and is fully explained by its effects:

  • normalization of the work of the HHJ arc,
  • prevention of testicular atrophy,
  • activation of the production of sex hormones,
  • normalization of hormonal balance,
  • promoting weight loss while maintaining muscle mass.

You can buy Magnus Magnyl in our online store as simply and quickly as possible. It is enough to place an order on the website or contact us by phone. If you have any questions regarding the drug, our managers will be happy to answer them.


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