EPF Turhoged 10mg (Turinabol) 100tab



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  • Manufacturer: Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals
  • Release form: 100tab 10mg
  • Active ingredient: chlordehydromethyltestosterone
  • Country: China

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EPF Turhoged 10mg 100 tablets for lean muscle gain

EPF Turhoged is a product of sports pharmacology manufacturer Euro Prime Farmaceuticals. This drug provides a high set of dry muscle tissue on the course, and also significantly increases the physical performance of the bodybuilder. The action of the steroid is based on the turinabol component, which has a powerful anabolic effect. At the same time, it very weakly shows its androgenic properties, due to which the anabolic is not subject to aromatization.

Many athletes tend to buy EPF Turhoged 10mg 100 tablets for a combined course, but it is worth noting that the drug gives a high result even when taken solo. Its high efficiency and the almost complete absence of side effects have made the anabolic one of the most sought after among beginners and professional bodybuilders.

The steroid is produced in oral form and is sold in 100 tablets per pack. The dosage of one tablet is 10mg.

The effect of the steroid on the body

Despite the fact that Euro Prime Farmaceuticals appeared on the domestic market not so long ago, its EPF Turhoged steroid has already earned a lot of rave reviews. It is very popular among athletes around the world, but you can buy EPF Turhoged 10mg 100 tablets only on specialized sites.

Anabolic helps to gain high-quality muscle mass without retaining fluid in the body, and its anti-catabolic effect eliminates the appearance of rollback after the end of the course. This is very important for bodybuilders, because no athlete wants to lose what was earned by hard training.

Taking the drug leads to:

  • a set of dry muscles,
  • increase in physical performance,
  • minimizing the rollback phenomenon,
  • accelerated recovery of strength after physical exertion,
  • the appearance of relief and elasticity of muscles,
  • slight burning of subcutaneous fat.

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