Golden Dragon Oxiged 50 (Oxymetalon) 25 tabs


Manufacturer: Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals

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  • Manufacturer: Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals
  • Release form: 100tab 50mg
  • Active ingredient: oxymetholone
  • Country: China

Golden Dragon Oxiged 50 is a well-known steroid drug. It is characterized by a strong anabolic effect. At the very beginning, when this remedy was at the production stage, its purpose was the treatment of such ailments as osteoporosis and anemia. Today it is available and sold as 50 mg tablets.

Another name for Golden Dragon Oxiged 50 (oxymetalone) is anadrol. It acts like estrogen, is toxic to the liver, and lasts approximately fifteen hours in the body.

Positive Effects

Golden Dragon Oxiged 50 provides the following benefits when applied:

  • Sufficient muscle growth
  • Growth in strength and endurance
  • Decreased globulin concentration
  • Elimination of discomfort in the joints

An athlete who takes Golden Dragon Oxiged 50 for two weeks can gain up to 5-7 kg. Oxymetholone promotes the attraction of water by the muscle cell, which leads to an increased accumulation of water on the course of the drug. But the steroid lubricates the joints, which is important for athletes suffering from joint pain and working with heavy weights.

Take 50-100mg of Golden Dragon Oxiged 50 per day. It is worth noting that the dosage is individual for each host.


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