Canada Peptides PT-141 (Bremelanotide) 10mg


Manufacturer: Canada Peptides

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  • Manufacturer: Canada Peptides
  • Presentation: 10 mg vial and water for injection
  • Active ingredient: PT-141 isomer of Melanotan 2, Bremelanotide
  • Office: Canada
  • Production facilities: China

Bremelanotide or PT-141 peptide. Scientists conducted research on the Melanotan-2 reagent, which stimulates the appearance of a tan. A side effect of the reagent was increased sexual desire. Researchers became interested in this effect, and later developed the PT-141 peptide, which stimulates libido and erection.

Bremelanotide has come to be regarded as a drug for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. In 2009, positive research results were announced. During the study of RT-141, its positive effect was confirmed in frigidity in women and in men with erectile dysfunction and impotence. Bremelanotide differed from Viagra and other similar agents in that it stimulated sexual desire not through the circulatory system, but through the nervous system.

To date, Canada Peptides PT-141 is the only confirmed aphrodisiac synthesized. It goes well with Viagra, Levitra and Cials. Such combinations give excellent results even in old age.

Canada Peptides PT-141 also called Bremelanotide, Bremelanotide is an effective isomer of Melanotan 2, a potent agent that does not have a C-terminal amide group, its positive properties quickly help to avoid the appearance and fixation of sunburn. Its use significantly improves indicators such as stimulation of sexual activity. Bremelanotide is classified as a melanocortin agonist.RT-141 from its use there are no adverse effects on the cardiovascular system, its main action is directed to a significant increase in libido and sexual attraction to the opposite sex. Great for people with sexual problems.

Canada Peptides PT-141 is named as a powerful synthetic aphrodisiac, one of a kind. Scientific developments and experiments have shown that Bremelanotide has a positive effect in the treatment and prevention of sexual diseases in men (erection problems and impotence), and the fair sex (disorder and weakening of sexual desire). From Viagra and other similar reagents, this Canada Peptides PT-141 peptide, completely harmless to blood vessels and the heart, works directly with the help of the nervous system (hypothalamus) influencing the increase in sexual desire.


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