Balkan Provimed (Mesterolone) 20 tabs 50mg


Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals


  • Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
  • Active ingredient: mesterolone
  • Release form: 20 tablets of 50 mg
  • Country: Moldova

Balkan Provimed is an excellent antiestrogen. Moreover, Balkan Provimed (active ingredient mesterolone) is an anabolic steroid drug derived from dihydrotestosterone. According to the structure of the molecule, mesterolone is very similar to methenolone, which is similar to it and by name, in fact, the difference between the two drugs is approximately the same as between men and women.

Balkan Provimed is partially an estrogen receptor blocker, although this type of activity is not its main one. Such is the dual nature of Balkan Provimed. The uniqueness of this truly wonderful drug does not end there, it also has a number of useful properties for you and me. A very interesting feature of Proviron is its ability to increase the amount of free testosterone in the blood by attaching to sex hormone-binding globulin, and thus reducing the activity of the latter. It is hardly worth saying that an increase in the amount of free testosterone in the blood is not just good, but very good. In connection with this property, many athletes use Proviron for 5-7 days in the middle of the AAS cycle. However, a number of researchers classify mesterolone more as an antiandrogen, emphasizing its inappropriate use during the cycle of anabolic steroids, but it seems that this is not entirely correct.

Balkan Provimed is used as part of post-cycle therapy, although the expediency is questionable, since it lacks the ability to restore endogenous testosterone secretion.

Balkan Provimed is an orally active, 1-methylated DHT (methylated dihydrotestosterone). However, like Masteron, but exclusively oral. Dihydrotestosterone is a conversion product of testosterone with a 5-alpha-reducing enzyme. The result being a hormone is 3 to 4 times more androgenic and structurally incapable of forming estrogen. One would imagine then that Balkan Provimed would be the perfect remedy to increase strength and achieve certain gains. Unfortunately, there is a control mechanism for dihydrotestosterone in the human body. When levels get too high, 3-alpha hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase converts it to a mostly inactive compound known as 3-alpha (5-alpha-androstane-3-alpha, 17beta-diol), a prohormone, so to speak. It can equally be converted back to dihydrotestosterone by the same enzyme when low levels of dihydrotestosterone are detected. But this means that it is quite useless to use large amounts of the drug (to increase the sensitivity of androgen receptors in muscle tissue) to achieve muscle hypertrophy.


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