Balkan Citomed (Liothyronine) 20 tab 50mcg


Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals


  • Manufacturer: Balkan
  • Release form: 50 mcg 20 tab
  • Active ingredient: Liothyronine Sodium
  • Country: Moldova

Balkan Citomed effective cutting steroid

Moldovan Balkan Pharmaceuticals is familiar to many athletes. Its products have filled the sports pharmacology market and are in great demand among both beginners and professionals. AAS for drying courses have gained particular popularity. However, more and more athletes prefer to buy Balkan Citomed.

The steroid belongs to hormonal drugs due to its basis liothyronine (T3). This substance is known as a powerful fat burner. For this property, it has become very popular among girls. However, it is also not uncommon for male athletes to use it while preparing for competitions. Another plus is the low price of Balkan Citomed.

Cytomed is produced in oral form in blisters of 20 tablets. The drug is considered safe for the most part. With proper intake and a course of less than 6 weeks, it does not cause any negative effects. However, it affects the thyroid gland and requires subsequent restorative PCT.

Features Balkan Citomed

The steroid has a high activation rate. It effectively fights fat deposits, contributing to rapid weight loss. At the same time, it improves metabolism and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Also, the advantages include the low cost of Balkan Citomed and a wide range of its action:

  • speeds up metabolism,
  • burns fat,
  • increases strength and endurance,
  • builds muscle tissue
  • increases speed and motivation,
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system.

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