Magnus T3 (Cytomel) 25mcg (Liothyronine) 50 tab


Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals


  • Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceutical
  • Release form: 25mcg 50 tab
  • Active ingredient: Thyroid Liothyronine
  • Country: India

Magnus T3 hormone for quality weight loss

When losing weight, not only physical activity and proper nutrition are important, but also the hormonal background, since it largely affects the rate of weight loss and the preservation of the result. Therefore, it is not surprising that many athletes, especially women, are increasingly deciding to buy Magnus T3 for high-quality and effective weight loss.

This drug is not an anabolic steroid. Its action is based on T3 liothyronine, a synthetic analogue of the hormone L-triiodothyronine, which is produced in the body by the thyroid gland. The tool significantly improves metabolism, contributing to the breakdown of complex substances into simple ones and the release of energy. With this in mind, the price of Magnus T3 is quite reasonable and does not differ too much from its peers.

The release form of the drug is a tablet with a dosage of 25 mcg. When taken correctly, the remedy does not cause side effects, and therefore is appreciated even by novice athletes who want to get in shape. However, too high a concentration of the drug can cause hyperthyroidism, so the dosage must be calculated individually.

Properties T3 from Magnus Pharmaceutical

T3 liothyronine is deservedly in demand among many people because it has proven effectiveness. In addition, the cost of Magnus T3 is relatively budget, especially given its range of activities.

The drug allows:

  • speed up metabolism,
  • slow down the formation of fatty deposits,
  • improve protein and lipid metabolism,
  • activate protein synthesis,
  • strengthen bones and teeth.

Remember that T3 liothyronine begins to act quickly, so a large dosage is not needed to achieve the effect. Also, unlike steroid fat burners, the hormone does not provoke the development of androgenic side effects, which means it does not require PCT.

You can buy Magnus T3 at an affordable price in our online store. If you have any questions regarding the action of the drug, please contact our manager, and he will answer them.


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