Zhengzhou Test PH 100mg/1 ml (Testosterone Phenylpropionate) Deadline 09.2021


Manufacturer: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical

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  • Manufacturer: Zhengzhou
  • Release form: 100mg 1ml ampoule
  • Active ingredient: Testosterone phenylpropionate
  • Country: China

Testosterone phenylpropionate is a form of testosterone that was first marketed under the trade name "Testolent" by Sicomed Pharmaceutical house. Until recently, testosterone phenylpropionate was a rarity on the black market, but the modern availability of precursors for synthesis and the emergence of numerous clandestine laboratories have made this version of testosterone more accessible. Phenylpropionate is part of the Omnadren complex.

Chemically, the drug is a combination of testosterone with phenylpropionate ester, which is much more common in combination with nandrolone (trademark Durabolin).

This testosterone ester is active for 4-5 days, is a cross between testosterone cypionate and propionate. The drug may be useful for athletes who like propionate, but are not satisfied with the high frequency of injections.

Based on experience, the best results are achieved when the drug is injected every third or fourth day, or about twice a week. In addition to the features of the ether part of the molecule, testosterone phenylpropionate differs slightly from other forms.

According to athletes, this drug causes fluid accumulation in the body to a lesser extent than testosterone cypionate or enanthate. The "dryness" of the muscles is comparable to the results obtained with the use of propionate.


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