Zhengzhou Oxymetholone 50mg 25 tabs


Manufacturer: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical

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  • Manufacturer: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical
  • Release form: 50mg 25 tab
  • Active ingredient: oxymetholone
  • Country: China

Zhengzhou Oxymetholone is a very potent oral steroid, a modified form of dihydrotestosterone, should not aromatize, but still has estrogenic activity, this is due to the fact that Zhengzhou Oxymetholone can activate estrogen receptors. There used to be a belief that Oxymetholone also has progestogenic activity, but this is not the case and Zhengzhou Oxymetholone progestins do not apply

Zhengzhou Oxymetholone has an exceptionally strong androgenic effect, which is combined with an equally strong anabolic effect. It is not uncommon for a body weight gain of 5-7 kg in just 2 weeks (and it happens – even a kilogram per day). When using Zhengzhou Oxymetholone, an athlete encounters an unprecedented, sometimes even painful pumping effect in the trained muscle group during training. At the same time, even after performing several approaches, the athlete has an initial level of strength. Overtraining while taking Zhengzhou Oxymetholone is simply impossible! It is no coincidence that Zhengzhou Oxymetholone is the most popular oral steroid among American athletes.

Zhengzhou Oxymetholone is considered one of the most effective weight gain products. Representatives of weightlifting (bodybuilders, powerlifters) Oxymetholone is always relevant and in demand, many well-known athletes used this steroid to build their bodies and achieved outstanding results.This drug is included in the category of pump steroids that fill muscle mass.

Zhengzhou Oxymetholone binds well with other steroids and the combinations give excellent results, both in cycles where you need to build muscle mass, and in those cases where you need to dry out, getting rid of the subcutaneous fat layer, giving the muscle relief a clear visual clarity.

Reproducible actions of Zhengzhou Oxymetholone

  • a colossal increase in muscle mass (for a course, a set can reach 12 kg)
  • significant increase in strength
  • retains essential minerals in the body
  • fat burning effect
  • giving muscles stiffness and clarity
  • has a beneficial effect on the function of the joints (eliminates pain, produces synovial fluid)
  • keeps the body in good shape


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