Zhengzhou Anastrozole 1mg (Anastrozole) 50 tabs


Manufacturer: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical


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  • Manufacturer: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical
  • Release form: 1mg 50 tab
  • Active ingredient: Anastrozole (Anastrozole)
  • Country: China

The growth of the mammary glands, fatty deposits are characteristic of the constitution of the female body – all these unpleasant consequences of taking steroids for the stronger sex can be avoided by this drug. Efficiency of action, high efficiency, its advantageous differences from other means. Zhengzhou Anastrozole, judging by the reviews, is effective in solving the following problems:

  • giving the body a beautiful relief
  • prevention of hypertension
  • increased blood levels of steroid hormones
  • reduction in the intensity of estrogen suppression
  • burning unwanted fat

Zhengzhou Anastrozole is the most popular, guaranteed fast way to get rid of aromatization and its effects in the early stages. It works much more effectively than other well-known anti-aromatase drugs such as Tamoxifen or Nolvadex. This is a product manufactured by Zhengzhou.

Zhengzhou Anastrozole is a medical product that is firmly established in bodybuilding. Athletes appreciate it for effectively ridding the body of water, excellent results in the fight against gynecomastia (the formation of a female figure in men as a result of the active use of anabolics) and other useful properties. Zhengzhou Anastrozole is mainly used as support for long steroid cycles.


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