Vermodje Trenaver 200 (Trenbolone Enanthate) fl


Manufacturer: Vermodje

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  • Manufacturer: Vermodje
  • Release form: 10ml in vial 200mg/ml
  • Active ingredient: trenbolone enantate
  • Country: Moldova

Effects Vermodje Trenaver 200

  • Increases muscle mass (up to 10 kg for an 8 week course of trenbolone)
  • Improves strength indicators
  • Affects the increase in the level of insulin-like growth factor (aka IGF or somatomedin) by 200%
  • Promotes fat burning both independently and by stimulating the secretion of IGF
  • Increases libido during the course, provides a significant drop after the course (if gonadotropin and nolvadex are not used, PCT (post-cycle therapy with tamoxifen (or its analogues, for example, toremifene or clomiphene citrate) and gonadotropin after a course of trenbolne is required)
  • Lowers cortisol levels

Vermodje Trenaver 200 is used in all strength sports, but it is most often used in bodybuilding. Vermodje Trenaver 200 is used for any task in bodybuilding, that is, in fact, it is a universal steroid.

When preparing for competitions, Trenaver 200 is combined with other drugs that do not contribute to the accumulation of water in the body of an athlete: Stanozolol, Masteron, Boldenone, Primobolan. Such combinations help the athlete maintain muscle mass in the conditions of a carbohydrate-free diet, intensive training and the use of fat burners, and as a result, an athlete with amazing muscle quality comes out on the podium.

If you do not use Vermodje Trenaver 200 during this period, then there is a possibility of overtraining, loss of muscle mass, injuries, the look of the muscles will not be so full and at the same time tough.

During the period of gaining muscle mass, Vermodje Trenaver 200 is also actively used. It is possible to use it solo, but this is not the best option, since you will not build up much. In combination with Sustanon, Methane, the effect will be much better.

Trenaver 200 should not be combined with Deca and Oxymetholone, as all of these steroids exhibit progestogenic activity.


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