Spectrum Testesterone Propionate 100mg 1ml


Manufacturer: Spectrum Pharma

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  • Manufacturer: Spectrum Pharmaceutical
  • Release form: 1ml ampoule 100mg/ml
  • Active ingredient: testosterone propionate
  • Country: China

Spectrum Testesterone Propionate Ester for quality musculature

Spectrum Pharmaceuticals is a Chinese pharmaceutical company. The manufacturer's products are of fairly high quality and are distinguished by good efficiency. Most of all, athletes fell in love with preparations for building high-quality muscles. And they are especially in demand before the competition. It was during this period that many rush to buy Spectrum Testesterone Propionate.

At the heart of the steroid is the well-known testosterone ester propionate. The substance has a water base, which ensures its instant activation. It also has a fairly short half-life, so injections have to be done frequently. The main action of anabolic is the acceleration of muscle growth. In addition, it effectively fights fat deposits and removes water from the tissues. With all this, the price of Spectrum Testesterone Propionate remains affordable for the majority.

Propionate is produced in injectable form in 1ml ampoules of 100mg. It has androgenic side effects, so it is not recommended for girls. It is also best avoided by inexperienced athletes. AAS has a high tendency to aromatize, so it needs an additional intake of antiestrogen. After the course, it is important to undergo PCT for better recovery of the body.

Action Spectrum Testesterone Propionate

Anabolic has become especially popular among more experienced athletes. For them, the priority is not so much the volume as the quality of the recruited muscles.The main feature of propionate is that all the weight gained will remain even after leaving the cycle. In addition, the cost of Spectrum Testesterone Propionate is low, although it has many useful properties:

  • accelerates the set of dry muscles,
  • starts fat burning processes,
  • improves muscle relief,
  • increases the parameters of strength and endurance,
  • strengthens the circulatory system
  • improves mood and potency.

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