SP Propionate (Testosterone Propionate) bottle 10ml 100mg/ml


Manufacturer: SP Laboratories

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  • Manufacturer: SP Laboratories
  • Release form: 10 ml in a vial of 100 mg / ml
  • Active ingredient: Testosterone Propionate
  • Country: Moldova

SP Propionate Effective Dry Mass Injections

Among the majority of pharmaceutical companies, a special place is occupied by the Moldovan company SP Laboratories. Its products quickly gained popularity in the sports pharmaceutical market. For its versatility, SP Propionate has become a particular favorite among athletes.

At the heart of the steroid is the ester of the male hormone testosterone propionate. Due to the water base, it is quickly excreted from the body. Therefore, injections have to be done frequently every other day. But at the same time, the anabolic begins to act almost immediately after the injection. This also determines the price of SP Propionate in a bottle, which corresponds to its quality.

In addition to a set of high-quality muscle mass, the drug is famous for its ability to effectively burn fat. Because of this, anabolic becomes desirable for girls as well. But due to the high androgenic activity, there is a possibility of developing masculinity. However, both professional athletes and beginner athletes have reasons to buy SP Propionate in a bottle.

The steroid is produced in 10 ml vials and injected directly into the muscle tissue. Injections are not only an easy-to-use form of release, but also the absence of a detrimental effect on the liver. Along with all the positive properties, AAS has a high aromatization, so it will not be superfluous to combine it with antiestrogens.

Action of SP Propionate

Despite the fact that the anabolic increases mass in small volumes, it remains a favorite for many professional athletes. Compared to other AAS, which allow you to gain about 10 kg of weight, the result achieved from testosterone propionate does not merge. In addition, athletes noted many of its other properties:

  • increase in quality dry matter,
  • active utilization of the fat layer,
  • creation of aesthetic relief and stiffness of muscles,
  • growth of power characteristics,
  • increased libido and mood,
  • strengthening the cardiovascular system.

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