Purchasepeptides Ipamorelin (Ipamorelin) 5 mg fl


Manufacturer: Purchasepeptides Mass Production LLC

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  • manufacturer: Purchasepeptides Mass Production LLC
  • Country: USA

Peg Ipamorelin is a new generation peptide hormone that enhances growth hormone secretion and mimics the action of ghrelin in the body. It differs from previous versions of GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 in that it does not increase cortisol and prolactin levels and does not increase hunger.

  • increased stimulation of growth hormone secretion
  • keeping its natural curve
  • no change in appetite
  • no effect on the amount of prolactin and cortisol
  • improved mental concentration and alertness
  • acceleration of the body's recovery processes after training and emotional shocks
  • improved sleep quality
  • strengthening bones and restoring joints and ligaments
  • smoothes wrinkles, has a rejuvenating effect

Ipamorelin was synthesized in 1998 by replacing one fragment of GHRP and introducing into the chain elements such as GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), histidine and dextro form 2-naphthylamine. It was thanks to the new structure that it was possible to achieve these effects when taking Ipamorelin. Reviews and research results have proven this.


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