Magnus Primobol (Primobol) 10ml


Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals


  • Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals
  • release form: 1ml in vial 100mg/ml
  • active ingredient: methenolone enanthate
  • country: India

Magnus Primobol is an effective assistant in drying courses

Preparations of the Indian company Magnus Pharmaceuticals have long won the trust of many professional athletes. And although most AAS are aimed at gaining mass, there is another sports pharmacy in the manufacturer's arsenal. So, to dry the muscles and prepare the body for the competition, more and more athletes prefer to buy Magnus Primobol.

The active substance of the drug is methenolone enanthate. It has pronounced androgenic and moderate anabolic properties. The action of the steroid can be called universal, since, in addition to removing fluid from muscle fibers and creating muscle relief, it also contributes to mass gain. Although the increase will be slow and insignificant, this mass will remain after the end of the course. We are sure that with such properties, the price of Magnus Primobol is quite acceptable.

This steroid is available in 10 ml vials of 100 mg/ml. The drug is administered by intramuscular injection. It is noteworthy that it is classified as a mild AAS, with virtually no side effects. Nevertheless, we advise you not to neglect the PCT after the end of the course.

Properties of Magnus Primobol

The steroid has many positive effects, due to which the demand for it among athletes is constantly growing. It is significant that at the same time the cost of Magnus Primobol practically does not change and remains affordable for most athletes. Taking this steroid, you can:

  • get a beautiful relief,
  • make muscles stiffer
  • maintain and even slightly increase muscle mass,
  • remove excess fluid from the tissues,
  • activate fat burning in problem areas.

You can buy Magnus Primobol and other sports pharmaceuticals in our online store. If you need advice regarding the choice and use of a steroid, our managers are always ready to provide all the necessary information.


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