Magnus Anastrozole (Anastrozole) 25 tab 1mg


Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals


  • Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals
  • Release form: 1 mg 25 tab
  • Active ingredient: Anastrozole (Anastrozole)
  • Country: India

Magnus Anastrozole is a powerful aromatase inhibitor.

More and more athletes resort to taking sports pharmaceuticals, which, in addition to positive effects, can also be accompanied by side effects. Most often, bodybuilders are faced with increased aromatization, which leads to gynecomastia, acne and other undesirable consequences. To avoid them, you can buy Magnus Anastrozole.

This drug is one of the most powerful aromatase inhibitors. Its action is based on the substance anastrozole. Best of all, the inhibitor manifests itself if you start taking it in parallel with the steroid course. It is noteworthy that with a pronounced and rapid effect, the price of Magnus Anastrozole is quite affordable for most athletes.

The drug is available in oral form, one tablet contains 25 mg of active ingredient. The recommended daily dosage for women is 25 mg, and for men 50 mg, however, it must be calculated individually depending on the AAS taken.

Action of Magnus Anastrozole

The drug has proven effectiveness on the course of anabolics, and the cost of Magnus Anastrozole is an additional advantage for many bodybuilders. Interestingly, this antiestrogen, in addition to combating androgenic side effects, also has other positive effects:

  • contributes to the drawing of the relief,
  • accelerates the recovery of the body,
  • promotes the synthesis of natural testosterone,
  • accelerates protein synthesis,
  • improves mood and libido.

You can buy Magnus Anastrozole as simply and quickly as possible in our online store. Also here you will find a wide range of sports pharmaceuticals for mass-gaining, fat-burning courses and high-quality PCT at a nice price. If you need expert advice, please contact our manager and he will help you sort out your issue.


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