German Shepherd 1 tab



  • Release form: tablets
  • Country: China

German Shepherd potency pills based on substances and extracts of Chinese medicine. Basically, these are natural products of animal origin, which are well tolerated by the human body and absorbed by them without any problems. Thanks to these ingredients, the body itself produces the hormone testosterone, which positively affects the reactions of male energy:

  • promotes long erections
  • preventing premature ejaculation
  • has an effect on the development of male genital organs
  • spermatogenesis

A scientific study has proven that through the use of tablets, the effect is achieved not only on the male reproductive system, but also on the general human body as a whole, while maintaining its balance.

Indications: impotence and problems with ejaculation, dissatisfaction.

German Shepherd. Contraindications:

Ingredients: wild black ant extracts, epidemic, morinda, ginseng, antlers, deer blood extract, deer penis extract, raw ginseng, cynomorium, aconite root, cinnamon, Chinese wolfberry, worm-like herbs, giant lizard, crocus, cistanchi, etc. .

How to use tablets German Shepherd

It is forbidden to take more than one tablet during the day, one German Shepherd tablet is valid for 180 hours. Take one tablet 10-30 minutes before sexual intercourse with warm water.

Contraindications: Do not use by minors. Cardiovascular diseases. It is forbidden to combine with alcohol.


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