Zhengzhou Mesterolone 50mg (Mesterolone) 25 tabs


Manufacturer: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical


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  • Manufacturer: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical
  • Release form: 50mg 25 tab
  • Active ingredient: mesterolone
  • Country: China

Zhengzhou Mesterolone effective antiestrogen for the cycle

Many athletes often resort to taking steroids to achieve sports results. However, the positive effects of sports pharmaceuticals are sometimes accompanied by completely undesirable consequences. To avoid this, more and more bodybuilders decide to buy Zhengzhou Mesterolone.

The action of the drug is based on the substance masterolone. Its action in the body is primarily aimed at suppressing estrogenic activity, helping to prevent the development of gynecomastia, acne and other side effects. However, the anabolic has other properties that are useful for bodybuilders, increasing muscle hardness and deep drawing of the relief. Another plus in the treasury of the drug is the affordable cost of Zhengzhou Mesterolone.

This steroid is available in oral form in blisters containing 25 tablets with a dosage of 50 mg. The average dosage for women is 25 mg per day, and for men 50 mg. Nevertheless, it is necessary to calculate the dosage regimen and dosage individually.

Action Zhengzhou Mesterolone

Although some athletes do not recognize Mesterolone as an antiestrogen, its effectiveness on the course proves the opposite. It is noteworthy that the price of Zhengzhou Mesterolone is low, despite the fact that its action is not limited to inhibitory properties.On the anabolic course, you can achieve other effects:

  • make muscles stiffer
  • increase the relief of muscles,
  • speed up protein synthesis,
  • improve blood condition
  • increase libido and improve potency.

In our online store, you can easily buy Zhengzhou Mesterolone. We cooperate directly with manufacturers, and therefore we guarantee the originality of our products and can offer the most favorable pricing policy. If you have any questions about the action or taking the drug, our consultants will provide you with all the information you need.


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