Vermodje Testover P (Testosterone propionate) amp


Manufacturer: Vermodje

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  • Manufacturer: Vermodje
  • Release form: 1ml in vial 100mg/ml
  • Active ingredient: Testosterone propionate
  • Country: Moldova

Vermodje Testover Propionate effective injections for strength

In the sports pharmacology market, drugs that allow you to quickly build high-quality muscles are especially valued. One of the best of these steroids is considered to be Vermodje's Testover Propionate from Moldova.

This anabolic allows you to effectively remove water from the body. Because of this, muscle mass increases slightly. But the result will be of high quality and will not go anywhere even after the end of the course. Therefore, not only novice athletes, but also experienced bodybuilders seek to buy Vermodje Testover Propionate in ampoules.

Since the steroid is made on the basis of testosterone propionate, it has pronounced androgenic properties. Because of this, it is undesirable to take the drug to athletes because the likelihood of developing secondary sexual characteristics is possible. On the other hand, this male hormone ether is quite popular among weightlifters. Therefore, the price of Vermodje Testover Propionate in ampoules corresponds to its quality.

AAS is very easy to use. It is available in 1 ml ampoules and is administered intramuscularly. Thanks to the water base, the drug begins to act quite quickly. However, injections must be done every other day. With all this, the negative impact on the liver is minimal.

Action Vermodje Testover Propionate

Many athletes noted the versatility of the effects of taking a steroid.Basically, it is valued for its dry mass gain property and landforming. But not only this is limited to its action. Athletes also spoke positively about its other properties:

  • increase strength, tone and endurance,
  • relief is drawn
  • building quality muscle mass
  • muscles become elastic and more rigid,
  • excess water is removed and the fatty layer is removed,
  • improves mood and libido.

In our online store you can buy Vermodje Testover Propionate in ampoules at an attractive price. We guarantee the high quality of our original products.


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