Spectrum Stromba Oil 50mg (Winstrol) 10ml


Manufacturer: Spectrum Pharma

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  • Manufacturer: Spectrum Pharmaceutical
  • Release form: 50mg 10ml vial
  • Active ingredient: Stanozolol
  • Country: China

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Spectrum Stromba Oil 50mg 10ml

Stromba Oil, produced by the well-known pharmacological company Spectrum Pharmaceutical, is very popular among athletes from all over the world. This is a fairly effective doping agent used for drying muscle tissue and rapid muscle growth. These properties of the drug made it popular among representatives of all sports associated with active physical activity.

The main active ingredient of the drug is stanozolol, an effective steroid with a powerful anabolic effect and a weak androgenic effect. Stanozolol oil is an aqueous solution of winstrol. You can buy Spectrum Stromba Oil 50mg 10ml in bottles with a concentration of 50 mg per 1 ml. The drug is administered as an injection daily or every other day.

For many athletes, safety is a key factor when choosing a steroid. From this point of view, stanozolol oil is one of the best options because it has virtually no side effects. A negative effect on the body can only be due to excessively high dosages or individual intolerance to the drug.

Action Spectrum Stromba Oil 50mg 10ml

Since the release of the drug on the world market of sports pharmacology, stanozolol oil has earned many excellent reviews.Those who have already experienced the effect of the steroid on themselves describe it as a high-quality anabolic that has no analogues on the market.

Stromba Oil by Spectrum Pharmaceutical can be used by both beginners seeking to achieve the desired shape, and experienced bodybuilders in combined cycles and solo.

The price of Spectrum Stromba Oil 50mg 10ml is quite reasonable, given the full range of effects of this drug:

  • increase in muscle mass,
  • removal of water from muscle tissue,
  • increase in power characteristics,
  • fat burning effect
  • accelerated recovery,
  • increased muscle stiffness,
  • attractive relief.

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