SP Agra (Sildenafil) 10 tabs


Manufacturer: SP Laboratories


  • Manufacturer: SPlabs
  • Release form: 10 tab. 100 mg / tab.
  • Active ingredient: Sildenafil
  • Country: Moldova

SP Agra increase in potency and strength

Moldovan SP Laboratories manufactures its products at the facilities of the well-known manufacturer Balkan Pharmaceuticals. Such cooperation allows us to produce sports pharmacology of excellent quality with an affordable pricing policy. Most of the products released by the company have gained immense popularity in bodybuilding circles. In particular, among the means to increase potency, they often prefer to buy SP Agra.

The basis of the drug was Sildenafil citrate. Although it has a fairly strong effect, it manifests itself only with sexual arousal. Thus, you can not be afraid of an unexpected erection at the wrong time. The rest of the time, its effectiveness is directed to maintaining the overall tone of the body and increasing libido. With this in mind, the price of SP Agra is quite affordable for everyone.

The release form of the drug is 10 tablets of 100 mg / tab. The scheme of admission must be drawn up together with a specialist. Also, it is important to follow the attached instructions and take no more than 1 tablet per day. If done correctly, most side effects can be avoided.

Characteristics of SP Agra

The drug has proven itself as a means to increase potency. However, this is not the only effect of its reception. Quite often, athletes noted an additional surge of strength, which made it possible to train even more intensively. At the same time, the cost of SP Agra remains quite affordable. In addition, athletes prefer him for a wide range of actions:

  • improves potency,
  • increases strength and endurance,
  • accelerates blood circulation,
  • encourages pumping,
  • lowers blood pressure,
  • strengthens the cardiovascular system.

In our online store you can easily buy SP Agra. We provide high-quality sports pharmacology from the manufacturer at the most affordable prices. In addition, our managers are able to provide you with qualified assistance in taking medications.


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