Purchasepeptides Melanotan 2 (5mg)


Manufacturer: Purchasepeptides Mass Production LLC

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  • Manufacturer: Purchasepeptides Mass Production LLC
  • Release form: 5 mg in vial
  • Active ingredient: MT-II – a synthetic analogue of the natural peptide hormone melanocortin
  • Office: USA, Canada
  • Production facilities: China, USA

Purchasepeptides Melanotan 2 (MT-II) – it
a synthetic analogue of the natural peptide hormone melanocortin, which stimulates and enhances skin tanning by stimulating the production of melanin pigment.

Purchasepeptides Melanotan II (5mg) – for potency enhancement, weight loss and fat burning and is used to stimulate tanning.

Purchasepeptides Melanotan-2 injections are made into the fat layer. The best way to start the drug is 25% of the full dose and then increase by 20% per day until the full dosage for your body weight. The dosage is determined at the rate of 1 mg per 100 kg of body weight, 0.5 mg per 50 kg of body weight. This is the most optimal dosage that will provide you with a beautiful tan in 2 weeks. Melanotan-2 should be injected until the tan is the one you planned to get. To accelerate pigmentation, you should visit a solarium or sunbathe 3 times a week. To maintain a beautiful tan, you just need to take this drug 1-2 times a week, 1 mg. For some, it is enough to sunbathe 1-2 times a week and the tan will remain.

With prolonged exposure to the sun, the tan will become deeper and more intense.

The type of skin also affects the choice of dosage.

For type I skin, the dosage is 30-50 mg, for type II, 20-30 mg is needed, and for type III, 10 mg. Melanotan-2 should be stored dry in a refrigerator at a temperature of +2..+8 °C.

No side effects were found during the studies.


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