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Manufacturer: Purchasepeptides Mass Production LLC

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  • Manufacturer: Purchasepeptides Mass Production LLC
  • Release form: 10 mg in a vial
  • Active ingredient: growth hormone secretion stimulator GHRP-6
  • Office: USA, Canada
  • Production facilities: China, USA

Effects of taking Purchasepeptides GHRP-6 10mg (GHRP 6):

  • Promotes the production of growth hormones
  • Effectively burns fat mass
  • Promotes faster muscle gain
  • Improves liver function
  • Strengthens bone tissue
  • Improves strength performance
  • Has a rejuvenating effect on the body

How to take Purchasepeptides GHRP-6 (10mg):

The optimal daily dosage of the drug is 100 mcg 3 times a day.

The vial contains 5 mg, which means:

At 10 mcg 3 times a day, enough for 16 days

The course lasts 6-8 weeks, which means that for its complete passage you will need 2.5-3.5 bottles, depending on the regimen.

To administer Purchasepeptides GHRP-6 (10mg), you must have distilled water, insulin syringes, alcohol and cotton wool available. After wiping the cap of the vial with alcohol, insert the needle there and draw the solution into the syringe. Wipe the surface of the skin with cotton soaked in alcohol and inject the drug subcutaneously at an angle of 45 degrees to the surface of the skin. After the injection, clean the puncture site again with alcohol.

Description of Purchasepeptides GHRP-6 (10mg)

GHRP-6 was specifically developed to treat growth hormone deficiency back in the 1980s. Its effect on the human body is to stimulate the secretion of growth hormone. Ghrp-6 is similar in its characteristics to ghrp-2, however, the use of ghrp-6 does not cause an increase in appetite.To achieve a greater effect, ghrp-6 is used in conjunction with other peptides, such as CJC-1295 or CJC-1295(DAC).

Very often GHRP-6 and GHRP-2 are confused by their action. Yes, they are very similar, but there is one important difference, this peptide does not retain water as much as GHRP-2, so the muscle mass gain is much cleaner, the increase is less due to water!

Benefits of using Purchasepeptides GHRP-6 (10mg):

  • muscle growth
  • growth of power indicators
  • fat burning
  • increased immunity
  • improvement of skin and hair properties
  • strengthening bones
  • liver protection

We offer a high quality ghrp-6 peptide that is highly purified and never has the side effects that quality peptides should.


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