Magnus Oxandrolone 10mg 100tab


Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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  • Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceutical
  • Release form: 10mg 100tab
  • Active ingredient: oxandrolone
  • Country: India

Magnus Oxandrolone growth and muscle stiffness

In comparison with many sports drugs, this steroid can be safely attributed to one of the safest. That is why novice athletes often make a choice in his favor. But it is noteworthy that experienced bodybuilders also strive to buy Magnus Oxandrolone, since the tool promotes rapid muscle growth and helps to get a beautiful relief.

The active substance of the drug is oxandrolone. It is characterized by a weak androgenic effect and high anabolic activity, 4 times the activity of testosterone. In the process of decay, the steroid does not turn into estrogens in the body, which almost completely eliminates the development of hormonal imbalance in the direction of female hormones. Interestingly, despite the numerous positive effects, the price of Magnus Oxandrolone is quite democratic.

The release form of the drug is a tablet of 10 mg. This is convenient, since the athlete can take the steroid in any conditions without adjusting his regimen to the injection schedule. When taken correctly, the drug does not cause side effects and has low toxicity, which means that a long recovery is not required after the course.

Characteristics of Magnus Oxandrolone

The main effect of taking the drug is a significant increase in muscle mass. This is precisely the main goal of athletes who decide to take this steroid. The cost of Magnus Oxandrolone cannot be called high, especially given the numerous other properties of the drug:

  • building dry and hard muscles,
  • improvement in strength indicators,
  • increased synthesis of somatotropin (growth hormone),
  • slight fat burning effect.

You can buy Magnus Oxandrolone in our online store. We value our customers, and therefore we monitor the quality and originality of goods. If you have any questions, our managers will provide all the necessary information and help you choose everything for the course and PCT.


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