Golden Dragon Testoged P (Testosterone propionate) 10ml in 100mg/ml vial


Manufacturer: Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals

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  • Manufacturer: Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals
  • Release form: 10ml in a bottle 100mg/ml
  • Active ingredient: Testosterone Propionate
  • Country: China

Golden Dragon Testoged P – Dry Mass Injections

Testoged P from the Chinese company Golden Dragon Pharmaceutical is often bypassed by beginners, mistakenly believing that propionate is inferior to other testosterone esters in terms of the amount of mass gained. In fact, the secret of the steroid is that it does not retain fluid, so if you dream of dry and lean muscles without a rollback after the course, the best option is to buy Golden Dragon Testoged P.

This drug is based on the action of testosterone propionate. It has been proven that this ester is the fastest among the derivatives of the male hormone, so its result will be felt after 1-2 injections. It is noteworthy that the cost of Golden Dragon Testoged P remains affordable for most athletes.

The release form of the steroid is 10 ml bottles of 100 mg / ml. Propionate is administered intramuscularly, which significantly reduces the toxic effects on the liver. Like all testosterone esters, this anabolic is prone to aromatization, and therefore requires PCT after the cycle and is not recommended for women.

How does Testoged P by Golden Dragon work?

Propionate is highly valued in professional bodybuilding circles due to excellent results on the course. Note that the price of Golden Dragon Testoged P is absolutely not inferior to its many positive properties:

  • increase in lean muscle mass,
  • rigidity and deep muscle relief,
  • increase in strength indicators,
  • easy fat burning
  • accelerated regeneration of muscle fibers,
  • increased libido.

In our online store there is a huge selection of sports pharmaceuticals. Among other things, you can easily buy original Golden Dragon Testoged P from us. If you still have questions regarding the action of the anabolic, our managers will be happy to advise you.


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