Golden Dragon Testoged E (Testosterone Enanthate) 10ml vial 250mg/ml


Manufacturer: Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals

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  • Manufacturer: Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals
  • Release form: 10ml in a bottle 250mg/ml
  • Active ingredient: Testosterone Enanthate
  • Country: China

Golden Dragon Testoged E Fast Muscle Gain

A lot of sports pharmacology is produced by Chinese firms. Despite this, many of them are of high quality and effectiveness of drugs. A striking example of such a company is Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals. Among all her AAS, her Testoged E gained special love from athletes for its mass of properties.

Due to the ability to gain muscle mass in the shortest possible time, anabolic has become an indispensable assistant for many athletes. The main role in the effectiveness of the steroid is played by its active substance testosterone enanthate. The ether is quickly activated in the body and acts for quite a long time. Because of this, there is no need to enter it more than once a week. Due to this, the price of Golden Dragon Testoged E can be considered absolutely justified.

It is not surprising that the drug is in great demand among beginners in sports. Just starting training, they want to see the result immediately, so they resort to the help of AAS. However, the fair sex should avoid taking it due to the high risk of androgenic effects. Nevertheless, experienced athletes who have already reached their natural maximum often want to buy Golden Dragon Testoged E.

Anabolic refers to injectable AAS and is available in 10ml vials. Due to this, it is considered harmless to the liver. The steroid helps to quickly build muscle mass, which is very much appreciated by athletes.However, with a fast arrival, the result is also fast and merges. Therefore, it is very important to combine it with antiestrogens and undergo PCT on time.

Efficacy of Golden Dragon Testoged E

Experienced bodybuilders knowingly fell in love with this drug. It has a number of positive properties that completely cover all the negative consequences. The most common among them:

  • a significant increase in muscle mass,
  • increased sex drive,
  • strengthening the bone and circulatory systems,
  • acceleration of metabolism and regeneration processes,
  • increase in strength and endurance.

You can quickly and easily buy Golden Dragon Testoged E in our online store. And our experts will help you choose the right drugs for PCT and calculate the dosage. With us you will receive only high-quality anabolics of the original production.


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