EPF Testoged C (Testosterone Cypionate) vial



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  • Manufacturer: EPF Pharmaceuticals
  • Release form: 10 ml vial 200 mg/ml
  • Active ingredient: Testosterone Cypionate
  • Country: China

EPF Testoged C Injections for Strength and Lean Muscles

When choosing sports pharmacology, athletes pay special attention to their effectiveness and half-life. In most cases, bodybuilders prefer longer AAS. They help to get a better and longer-lasting result. That is why they often choose to buy EPF Testoged C for all these properties.

The active substance of the steroid was testosterone ester cypionate. The oily base gives it a long half-life, saving athletes from frequent injections. The drug has high rates of anabolic and androgenic activity. Therefore, it equally promotes muscle growth and physical performance. At the same time, the price of EPF Testoged C remains affordable for the majority.

AAS is available in 10 ml vials of 200 mg of the substance. Like other testosterone-based anabolics, it tends to aromatize. Therefore, it requires additional intake of aromatase blockers. Other side effects appear when used incorrectly. However, girls should avoid it anyway. And athletes after the course must undergo a PCT.

Capabilities EPF Testoged C

Cypionate has only recently appeared in our area, but bodybuilders are already willing to use it. In its properties, it surpasses some testosterone esters and exhibits high efficiency. At the same time, the cost of EPF Testoged C does not differ much from its analogues.Basically, it can be used to achieve the following effects:

  • muscle tissue builds up
  • increase in strength,
  • increased endurance,
  • regeneration processes are accelerated,
  • strengthens bone tissue
  • metabolism is stimulated.

In our online store you can easily buy EPF Testoged C or other testosterone esters. We cooperate with the best manufacturers and provide each of our clients with only the best AAS. We guarantee high quality and 100% originality of all presented products.


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