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  • Manufacturer: Canada Peptides
  • Packing: 2mg in vial
  • Active ingredient: Gonadorelin (GnRH)
  • Office: Canada
  • Production facilities: China

Canada Peptides Gonadorelin – Gonadorelin (gonadotropin-releasing hormone, abbreviated as GnRH) is a natural hormone that causes an increase in the secretion of gonadotropins: FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH (lutenizing hormone), which in turn increase the secretion of testosterone.

The main effect of using the Canada Peptides Gonadorelin hormone is to increase testosterone production, which in turn improves athletic performance. Canada Peptides Gonadorelin increases the release of LH and FGS hormones, and this enhances testosterone secretion and spermatogenesis. The production of testosterone by interstitial cells in men is stimulated by luteinizing hormone and promotes the entry of this hormone into the vessels. Follicle-stimulating hormone is responsible for the development and functioning of the seminiferous tubules, in particular spermatogenesis.

Canada Peptides Gonadorelin naturally promotes the production of endogenous testosterone, which has several advantages over artificial testosterone. Namely, this is the absence of estrogens, aromatization and filling. Athletes often choose this particular peptide, and not analogs, because. this peptide can be used in competition with doping control, it also helps to get out of the course and helps to create bridges between courses. The method of application and dosage is similar to GHRP2 and GHRP6. The average dosage is 1-2 micrograms per kilogram of a person's weight up to four times a day by subcutaneous injection.Studies have shown that Gonadorelin has little to no effect on other organs, even when used at high dosages.

Dosage regimens for Canada Peptides Gonadorelin:

  • An intermittent circuit (pulsating) will lead to an increase in testosterone levels.
  • A long course without interruption will have the opposite effect, which will result from the development of tolerance (decrease in the sensitivity of receptors located in the pituitary gland). That is why such a scheme is used even as part of the course of compulsory treatment of pedophiles. After the start of its use, there is a process of suppression of sexual function and a decrease in libido. In principle, this method can be attributed to one of the varieties of chemical castration.

How Canada Peptides Gonadorelin is used in sports

In sports, the hormone Gonadorelin is used when necessary to increase the production of natural testosterone, according to the first of the above schemes. Injections of the drug are recommended every 1.5 or 3 hours for two to three weeks. Dosage, in this case, is recommended 100-200 mcg. It is not recommended to take GnRH for more than three weeks due to the possibility of starting the process of suppressing natural testosterone after discontinuation of the drug.

The correct scheme of reception is the most important moment! Only when taken correctly, the gonadorelin peptide will not give any negative effects. Taking it every 2-3 hours, you thereby give a good impetus to the production of your own testosterone without suppressing the Pituitary-LH + FSH chain of the Leydig cell.

In fact, Canada Peptides gonadorelin (reviews below) is an analogue of the same testosterone propionate (or another form), but with an important caveat. You will not be injecting artificial testosterone into the body.You will stimulate the production of your own testosterone. The advantages of this are obvious.

Dosage of Canada Peptides Gonadorelin: 1-2 micrograms per kilogram of body weight.

Reception time: every 2-3 hours.

Course duration: 4-6 weeks.


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